7 Tips to Enhance Your Garden Landscape on a Budget

7 Tips to Enhance Your Garden Landscape on a Budget

Garden redesigns can significantly improve the overall looks of your outdoor space and increase the value of your property, but they are expensive.

Like car detailing, landscaping updates are a one-off per year deal, but what if we tell you there is a way to enhance your existing design without suffocating your family budget.

Here are our best tips to level up your garden aesthetics on a cheap:

1. Repair and Protect Your Decking

If you are thinking about hiring professional installers to remove your decking and build a new one, please don't.

Inspect the decking, and if there are a few boards that need replacing, just shop your local B&Q and install those yourself.

In addition to the repairs, you can get a bucket of wood stain or paint, apply a coat or two and protect your decking.

The liquid will seal the wood and prevent mould, algae and mildew from absorbing into the timber boards. The paint or stain will also highlight the material's natural beauty and prolong your garden decking's lifespan.

2. Plant as Many Trees as Possible

Tree planting is one of the most straightforward tasks when it comes to landscaping your garden, and it's cheap. Planting a tree is an excellent investment as you can enjoy the natural shade as it grows and perhaps attach a swing to it in the future.

Start with planting a single one and work your way up. This will increase our chance of fighting climate change.

3. Reseed Your Lawn

Having green, fresh and healthy grass offers many benefits, but things don't go as planned every time, and the lawn develops bare patches.

These patches usually occur after the winter when the grass is exhausted. Purchasing turf rolls and laying them is the obvious solution that gives us immediate results, but this option is steep, especially if the area is relatively large.

We always recommend reseeding your lawn. A pack of grass seeds is inexpensive and can get you very far. The only downside is that the grass will need some time to grow.

4. Lay Bark Mulch in Raised Beds

Covering your flower beds with bark chippings creates a warm, moist climate that protects your plants from drying out in summer and severe cold during winter.

Bark mulch is aesthetically pleasing, lasts longer, reduces soil compaction, and acts as a natural anti-weed membrane.

A bag of 100L of bark chippings costs around 9 pounds and covers as much as 3.5-4 sq.m. area.

5. Grow Your Own Herbs

Planting and raising herbs is a wonderful way to enjoy the smells and tastes of a wide variety of plants.

Growing herbs takes just a tiny part of your garden area and will stock your cabinet with all essential ingredients for months ahead, reducing your shopping costs quite a lot.

Plus, the quality of your herbs will be way higher than the ones you are purchasing from the grocery store.

6. Extend Fencing With a Beautiful Trellis

Installing trellises on top of your fence is a great way to add character to your garden.

Trellises also extend the height of your fence and improve your privacy and home security.

Another bonus is that trellis panels allow more sunlight exposure to your plants because of the way they are constructed.

7. Gravel Your Paths

If you plan to establish a path, consider using gravel as it is much more affordable than paving blocks or slabs.

Installing a cloth sheet that prevents weed from growing and laying gravel is a piece of cake, and anyone can do it. Breaking up the gravel area by placing sleepers or log rolls will add contrast and level up your landscape.

Taking care of your garden is an ongoing process similar to your home's regular cleaning.

Landscaping requires time, learning new skills but the feeling of designing the garden by yourself is rewarding and very accomplishing.

Give it a shot, and if you are not feeling it, City Gardeners North London are at your service.

Contact us and get your FREE landscaping quote. Our staff fully covers all neighbourhoods in North and North West London, plus the surroundings.

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