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It looks amazing! I can't believe how brilliantly your team has done and so quickly too. We haven't been out there yet as we are waiting for the paint to dry but can't wait to spend time in it. Please thank your team from us. Thank you.

Debaleena / Hendon NW4
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My neglected garden turned out to look great after the team's efforts on it. They are working very tidy and cleaning up after the work's been done.

Liz Grant
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Excellent job on trimming our hedge. Turned up promptly on the appointed date and time, no surprises on the price also- all done as initially quoted.

Jackie Worms
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Highly recommend! Met me for a landscaping survey at my place, and spared enough time to discuss what I wanted and what could be done, without rushing. Needless to say, my garden has now undergone full transformation and is looking amazing!

Ann-Marie Baker
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Very helpful guys, we had absolutely no idea what plants and flowers to pick for our garden. Luckily came across City Gardeners, who assisted with their knowledge and the planting itself and brought colours to our place.

Kumar Patel
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All we needed was simple weeding and mowing, yet that could be a nightmare for someone not keen on gardening. Fortunately, we called the right place, and the gardeners who visited us did splendid work and seemed to enjoy what they are doing.


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