Garden Maintenance in North London

Professional Garden Maintenance in North London for Immaculate Outdoors

Choosing a gardener to take care of your green spaces may have been difficult in the past, but not anymore. Enjoy the gift of free time with our expert garden maintenance in North London.

Our teams come fully equipped with all the necessary petrol tools and gear to tackle any outdoor task.

With more than five years of experience in the field, we guarantee a job well done and the best garden care in North London you can find!

The local gardeners will be more than happy to provide a one-time tidy up or maintenance service on a regular basis. Upon completion of your first appointment City Gardeners' technicians will be able to estimate the frequency and length of ongoing visits and suggest a specific maintenance plan tailored to your needs.

gardening services are suitable for tenants, landlords, homeowners, and businesses.

Affordable Garden Maintenance Services in North London Near You

Our garden works in North London can include a variety of tasks, including, but not limited to:

  • Lawn mowing and edging - trimming your grass down to a healthy length is needed for your lawn's wellbeing and is aesthetically pleasing. It can be done as a single lawn mowing service or regularly with visit frequency confirmed depending on the season;
  • Hedge trimming - whether you fancy a particular shape and height or simply the much-needed prune, our hedge cutting, and maintenance skills are at your service;
  • Climbing shrubs and ivy maintenance - Do not let things get out of hand, and always stay on top of your ivy and climbers. Trimmed down or shaped up, our gardeners can keep your trailing plants healthy and beautiful;
  • Weeding - Weed removal is the most effective when the weeds are pulled out with their roots by hand. This can be a hefty and time-consuming task, but we are always here to help you; 
  • Bush maintenance Your bushes need frequent cutbacks and one or two significant prunes yearly. Choose the shape you like, and our gardeners will make it happen;
  • Raised beds tidy up and care - trimming the edges and keeping your flower beds nice and tidy is as easy a task as it is pleasant for our professionals;
  • Tree maintenance and removal - we can prune or cut down any trees tall up to three or four meters (10-12 feet). Consult our North London gardeners about what is best for your tree;
  • Weed control - weeds can quickly get out of hand and become a nuisance, and strict measures must be taken. Our gardeners can spray weed killer and ensure weeds no longer suffocate your plants;
  • Garden waste removal and recycling - after all is said and done, you probably do not want to be left with bags of green clippings to dispose of. Trust us to take care of the garden waste for you by responsibly recycling it at your local green waste depot;
  • Overgrown garden clearance - One-time garden clean ups and seasonal leaf clearance services.

How Our Garden Maintenance is Performed

Our garden maintenance is easy to book service. We will send a team of two professional gardeners to you for speedier execution of the work required.

The service cost of £45/hour is for the team of two, bringing the necessary tools and equipment for the job.

You can request to book as many hours as you deem necessary, but we always recommend to reserve them for an extra hour on top. That way, they can stay as long as needed to complete the work and not leave it unfinished to rush for their next appointment.

If gardeners complete your requirements faster than the initially reserved hours, you will only pay for the actual work hours.

At the end of the service, our professionals will be happy to consult you for ongoing maintenance or any potential landscaping tasks you might need to be done in your garden space.

Upon request, they can also quote you for green waste removal.

Garden Maintenance Prices

Price an hour

A team of two professional gardeners


*Our minimum charge is 2 hours per visit.

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Why Choose City Gardeners?

  • Monday - Sunday availability with no extra charges for weekend or bank holiday appointments;
  • Fully-licensed and insured professional gardeners working in a team of two;
  • Affordable and fair garden maintenance prices than include all garden tools and equipment;
  • Family-owned and run garden maintenance company;
  • Quality residential and commercial garden maintenance service in North London near you.

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