Autumn Leaf Clearance

Autumn Leaf Clearance in North London That Takes Care of The Garden Foliage

Leaf clearance and collection in North London is an essential part of a garden tidy up and care services and needs to be done throughout the entire year but can get very overwhelming during fall and winter months.

In autumn our gardens start to change, trees are shedding, leaves are falling and piling up, and your outdoors can quickly become untidy.

Leaf clean up seems like an easy task, but if you do not have the proper tools and knowledge, it might take a ton of energy and eat up a lot of your free time especially from early October till late February when there is more garden foliage around.

autumn leaf clearance North London

Our North London leaf blowing services can help you keep your garden tidy and in top condition. Plus, we will do it professionally and affordably without hurting your family budget.

What Are The Benefits of Our Seasonal Leaf Cleaning Up And Blowing Service?

  • Preventing slippery paths, patios and driveways - no leaves get left on the ground to decompose, become slippery and risk your health;
  • Lawn care and protection - fallen leaves can decay on top of your grass and block sunlight, water and minerals reaching the soil. This will negatively affect the overall health of your lawn, and it will become mossy and patchy;
  • High-quality compost supply - collected leaves can be stored in your green bin or piled aside in your garden as with time they will mould and transform into mulch. This natural compost will save you money in the long run when its time to plant and update your garden landscape.

Leaf Blowing And Clean Up Prices

Price an hour

A team of two professional gardeners


*Our minimum charge is 2 hours per visit.

Why Choose Our Leaf Removal Services?

  • A team of two experienced and fully insured North London gardeners;
  • Swept and raked leaves can be piled at your premises for natural compost, put in your green bin, bagged and prepared for council collection or taken and recycled, the choice is yours;
  • City Gardeners' staff is equipped with the high-end leaf blowers that help us to work more efficiently and save you money;
  • Seasonal leaf clearance can get easily combined with pressure washing;
  • Monday - Sunday availability, even on Bank holidays;
  • Local and reliable;
  • All tools and equipment included in the price;
  • No extra charges for weekend appointments.

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