Bespoke Turfing Services in North London for Healthy and Gorgeous Lawn

A good looking, fresh and healthy grass can completely change and brighten up your garden area. Whether you need your old lawn repaired or replaced - our turfing services in North London are at your disposal.

A lawn laying service is often required when:

  • You want to increase your property value – a fresh green lawn always makes it easier to sell or rent your estate for a higher price;
  • You are completely redesigning your garden and turfing is part of the service;
  • Your children and pets would love to play outside, but your current garden state does not allow it;
  • Your existing grass is too tired and patchy and cannot get reseeded;
  • You need post-winter lawn rejuvenation and care;
  • You want a fresh green lawn and can not or do not want to wait to grow it from seeds;
  • Your business wants to improve its aesthetics and be more inviting to clients.

Here is How The Lawn Laying Service is Performed

Once you have selected a date and time, our turf specialists will install your new lawn in a few easy steps.

  • Area clean up and ground preparation – we will remove the old grass, along with all the weeds, plants, roots, gravel and stones.
  • Levelling – our team will even out the area that is to get turfed by removing or adding the necessary amount of soil.
  • Soil turnover – In order for the turf roots to easily attach to the ground of your garden the top level of the soil will be turned over either by hand or using a cultivator for larger areas.
  • Checking the quality and depth of topsoil – we will inspect the quality of your soil and will add a few inches where needed to achieve the optimal depth.
  • Add Rootzone – On top of the already turned soil, we will also add a layer of rootzone. It is a fertilizing mix that will help your new lawn grow healthy and quick.
  • Turfing – the delivered turf rolls will be carefully laid and connected together. After installing all pieces, our North London lawn experts will level them using a roller.
  • Maintenance program and advice – To make sure your turf will grow well our garden designers will create and provide you with a maintenance plan, to ensure the lawn get adequately looked after.

5 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Might Be The Right Choice For You

The artificial turf is a no-maintenance solution for your garden area. If you are usually busy or do not want to invest much time in your garden, but you do want to be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces, then the artificial lawn is the right choice for you.

It has all the benefits of real grass, minus the efforts:

  • It looks excellent with no need for maintenance;
  • Suitable and enjoyable for dogs and cats;
  • Safe for children;
  • Does not need to be watered;
  • Does not need to be mowed.

Wondering How The Artificial Lawn Installation Service Usually Goes?

  • Removal of existing surface – our team will first remove the old lawn, structure or current design pieces in the area. We will also clear all plants, weeds, gravel and rocks;
  • Putting down a base – once the area gets cleared our turf layers will continue to the removal or addition of any soil if needed to level the site and add compacting sand to form the base for the astroturf;
  • Compacting the ground – A roller or a vibrating plate will be used to properly compact the soil;
  • Installing an anti-weed sheet – to avoid and repress weed growth we will install an anti-weed membrane;
  • Laying sand/stone base fox extra stability – continuing to add to the base to improve the stability of the astroturf we will lay a 2 inch extra layer of sharp sand or stone base and build a frame of joists;
  • Artificial grass installation – the astroturf of choice (colour, length, pile feel) will be laid by our lawn installers;
  • Final touches – the artificial lawn strands must be brushed against the pile to spread out and raise the individual fibers.

Simple Steps to Get Real/Artificial Turf Installed in Your Eden

Getting new lawn installed does not have to mean endless research on turf laying companies near you and then wondering if they are qualified enough to do the job.

Our professional turf laying and replacement services will amaze you and show you how simple this process can be.

step 1

Book an on-site survey

Contact us and arrange a free of charge viewing on site. We can visit your home Monday to Sunday.

step 2

Show us around

Welcome our professional lawn installer and show him the area, explaining your idea. He will take measurements and discuss the project and your ideas with you.

step 3

Receive an estimate

Within three to five business days after our visit, you will receive a no-obligation written quote, which will include the labour, purchase and delivery of materials and waste collection.

step 4

Enjoy a hassle-free service

Should you decide to proceed, you must only pick a starting date and meet our skilled turf installers on the day. They will provide all the necessary tools and equipment to complete the works.

Why Choose City Gardeners?

  • Free on-site viewing with an expert turf installer; 
  • Competitive and no-obligatory quotes;
  • Professional residential and commercial lawn laying services in North and North West London;
  • Monday - Sunday availability, even on Bank holidays;
  • Fair and affordable turf laying prices with no hidden costs;
  • Family-owned and run local turfing company near you;
  • No extra charges for weekend appointments;
  • Fully-insured turfing services in North London you can count on.

Ready to get a new real/faux lawn laid?

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