Pressure Washing North London

Expert Pressure Washing in North London for Your Home And Business

City Gardeners' pressure washing North London is suitable for a wide variety of outside areas that may need cleaning, whether you're a homeowner, letting a property or renting one.

Our jet cleaning technicians use the latest and most powerful pressure washing equipment on the market, and we are going to bring up the colour of your driveway or patio once was.

Aside from the latest pressure washers, we are also equipped with all kinds and sizes of nozzles, to access water for the cleaning quickly and hassle-free.

You don't have to ask the neighbours to use their tap or worry about how to lead us to the other side of your property where there's one tap that may work! Simply show us the closest water access and consider it taken care of, regardless of it being external or internal.

jet washing North London

Our staff is local and quick to respond to your call. Don't accept your dirty garden floors for granted, you can have everything cleaned without having to lift a finger. We'll expertly jet wash for you:

  • All types of decking;
  • All your patios;
  • Driveways and car park areas;
  • Paving stones and stone steps;
  • Garden fences and wooden surfaces;
  • Brick walls – up to 3-3.5 meters (12 feet) in height;
  • Garden furniture;
  • Balconies.

Effective Pressure Washing Services in North London for Spotless Outdoors

Welcome our pressure cleaning technician and enjoy your clean outdoor area once again. The service effortlessly combines the power of water and our machine into an eco-friendly cleaning process, using no detergents or chemicals. Just water under high pressure!

Haven’t you seen the jet washing in action? You will be amazed. The service is perfect for all areas, no matter the size.

We happily cover small and large sites for both domestic and commercial projects. Our pressure washing service easily removes standard staining and accumulated dust and dirt on outside surfaces, namely:
  • Dust, dirt, and mud;
  • Moss and algae;
  • Tiny weeds growing between the paving;
  • Water-based paint;
  • All types of other general outdoor build-ups.

How Our Jet Cleaning Service Works?

One of the perks of our patio cleaning service is that it is not hourly based. We charge based on the size of the area, regardless of the state of it. Our technician will stay as long as needed to provide professional service and outstanding results.

Once you book your service, you will have the opportunity to welcome our North London patio cleaner on the selected day, who will first inspect the area.

He will measure it and confirm the service's size and price to make sure everything is agreed upon with you before we start. Our specialist will connect the pressure washer to an internal or external water tap that is available on site and most comfortable to access.

Please note that there must be drainage where the dirty water can flow into. The pressure cleaning process will continue until satisfactory results can be presented.

After the jet washing service has been completed, we will disconnect the equipment from the water tap, and you can start enjoying your outdoor area immediately!

It is always best to let it air dry before placing any furniture or other items on top of it, so no rust or other issues will transfer to your clean pavement or concrete.

Pressure Washing/Jet Cleaning Prices


Price per sq.m.

Patio Jet Cleaning/ Pressure Washing


*Our minimum charge is £50 which covers the cleaning of up to 20 sq.m. of patio, driveway, paving, decking or another outdoor area. When service is combined with a garden maintenance or garden clearance, no minimum charges apply for the service. 

Curious What Results to Expect From Our Jet Washing Services?

Local Patio Cleaners in North London You Can Count On

Your favourite professional patio cleaning services in North London are available for your domestic and commercial needs. 

City Gardeners' technicians are fully qualified and insured. Our staff is equipped with high-end jet cleaning equipment to provide quick and satisfactory results.

Our patio cleaners are local, friendly and experienced in their field of work. Plus, you don't have to wait for us as we are always prompt. 

Monday to Sunday jet washing services are available for your convenience. Weekdays, weekends, even bank holidays can be selected and the arriving time customized to your schedule as we know how busy life can get.

Commercial projects or bigger domestic requests are also part of our portfolio. Please note that larger areas may need initial inspections for size and price confirmation, regular or pre-scheduled appointments can be set up without an on-site visit.

Choose our bespoke patio cleaning and enjoy the true colour and state of your outdoor surfaces and floors once again. 

Easily book and receive a professional service that is truly powerful and will restore the look your driveway, patio or slabs, but at the same time preserve the integrity and cause no harm to them.

Quick and professional results are no longer a dream – City Gardeners are here to serve you in your quest for a better, cleaner home, without having to sacrifice your personal life or your family time.

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