Garden Decking Installation

Professional Garden Decking Installation in North London

If you are looking to enhance your garden design looks, you might consider our professional garden decking installation in North London.

Building a deck is the perfect solution when you need to change the levelling in your garden, hide drainage or just add a rustic style to your outdoor landscape.

Plus, a well-fitted garden decking is a practical feature, easy to maintain and can significantly increase the value of your property.

Our decking installation specialists have more than five years of experience in fitting, maintenance, repairs and protection.

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Decking Services Commonly Requested by Our Clients

Floating decking

Simple but attractive decking that is not attached to a building and does not require a staircase. It can also get built around a tree without damaging its roots. A "freestanding" decking can provide a platform for garden furniture, a grill and other outdoor utilities.

Raised decking

The perfect solution to make the most of your outdoor space and take advantage of otherwise unusable garden slopes. Our North London decking fitters will custom-built a unique feature that will ease the passage to your garden.

Terraced decking

Most likely the best way to utilise a large roof area. A roof decking is a great place to invite friends over and spend some quality time outside the house.

Decking stairs

The easiest way to connect decks on different levels and ensure easy access to your garden. A staircase built from decking boards also looks aesthetically pleasing and adds up to your overall garden landscape.

Types of Deckings We Can Install For You

Softwood decking

Softwood deckings are popular in modern homes due to their natural look, high durability and affordable cost.

Softwood timber is easy to work with and install, and if taken care of properly, it can last up to 15 years.

Softwood decking boards are manufactured from fast-growing evergreen and conifer trees, making them the number one choice to many environmentally conscious homeowners.

Hardwood decking

Hardwood decking boards are made of slow-growing trees such as oak and ash, but most durable options are produced from exotic tropical trees like teak, ipe, iroko and cumaru.

Hardwood timber is harder to manufacture, and this makes it much more expensive compared to softwood.

Hardwood decking boards are flame-resistant, easy to clean and can last up to 20 years when regularly maintained.

Composite decking

Composite decking boards have become quite popular lately as the best wood decking alternative on the market. They are made from a mixture of recycled durable polymer plastic and wood chippings.

The innovative manufacturing technology makes composite boards anti-slippery, water, fungi and mould-resistant.

Composite deckings are low maintenance, a hassle-free option that only needs to get pressure washed  every once in a while. No oiling and painting are required every other year as the material is UV protected from the factory and can last up to 25 years.

Their eco-friendly nature combined with the longer lifespan comes at a much higher price than wood decking boards.

Here is How The Decking Fitting Process Looks Like

Your fence can get installed in a few simple and easy steps by our professionals:

step 1

Book a FREE on-site survey

Get in touch and set up a visit with a City Gardeners' decking expert. The viewing is no obligation and FREE of charge

step 2

Meet our decking professional

Welcome our specialist and show him around. He will measure the area, discuss project details and give you some ideas and tips if necessary.

step 3

Receive an estimate

Our expert decking installer will calculate all project expenses, and after the visit, you will receive a written detailed proposal that includes materials, labour, delivery, and waste disposal costs.

step 4

Enjoy a hassle-free decking installation service

After confirming all service aspects and booking a date in the calendar, a team of experienced decking builders will arrive on-site and carry on the works. The technicians will bring all the needed tools, equipment, materials and dispose of any waste created if that is your choice.

step 5

Aftercare consultation and advice

After your new decking is custom-built and ready, our fitters will advise on when to be maintained and protected so it can last longer. The team will also answer all your questions and give exploitation tips.

It's time to invite some friends over and enjoy your new garden decking.

Other Decking Services We Offer

Decking repairs and restoration: Repairing your garden decking is the most practical solution when a single or a few worn out decking boards need renewing. It's much cheaper than replacing the entire feature, and at the same time, our experts will prolong its life, and you won't even notice which part of the decking we've restored for you.

Decking painting: Paining your deck is an excellent idea if you would like to change the colour of the wood entirely. The paint protects your decking from the sun's UV related fading and reduces moisture which naturally helps fight mould and mildew. Besides, painted deckings are much easier to maintain.

Decking staining: Staining is a great way to enhance the appearance of your decking, highlight and seal the beautiful wood grain against both moisture and intrusion by infesting pests.

Stain is easy to apply and keeps moisture out, and it is a way more budget-friendly alternative than deck painting.

Deck oiling: Provides UV protection and a water-resistant, breathable finish that preserves your decking from within. Oils will not also crack or peel from the surface of the wood and reduce the mould and algae to a minimum when well maintained.

Deck cleaning: Pressure washing your decking remove the accumulated dust, dirt and debris and keep the wood boards' beautiful appearance. Regular jet cleaning also makes your deck look brand new and prolongs the life of the timber.

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