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Expert Garden Landscaping in North London to Refresh Your Current Design

If you ever find yourself in need of a change of your garden landscaping in North London, then your City Gardeners are here to help you in your future endeavours. 

Our professional landscapers will be happy to assist you in bringing to life a new design in your front or back garden if you've decided it's time to refresh things up a bit. 

Even if your garden space has never got landscaped before, our skilled workers will design everything from scratch with you and release the full potential of your green spaces.

City Gardeners' garden landscaping and design services are suitable for homeowners, investors, tenants renting for an extended period of time, and commercial sites. 

We are using the latest tools and equipment of the trade and can supply the materials needed for the job. Upon request, our specialists can also work with whatever materials you have provided for them as well.

Garden Design Services in North London to Transform Your Outdoors Into an Eden

City Gardeners' landscape specialists will be happy to discuss and finalise your vision, or even help you to create it. 

Once we've thoroughly reviewed your idea, we're ready to start building it in your backyard! Our North London landscape gardeners are experienced in the following services:

  • Turfing - Real or artificial grass - our team will measure the area you want to be turfed and provide the best type of it for you, be it real or astroturf. You can enjoy a fresh grassy look in your garden in a matter of a day or two, not having to wait for it to grow from seeds;
  • Fencing - If you've decided it's time to have some privacy from the neighbours or you simply want your garden to have a finished look, we'll be happy to install a fence around your home. Choose the type of fence panels you like, and we'll take care of the rest!
  • Fence repairs - If the wind's been blowing a bit too hard for your good old fence, or there are holes, missing boards, or too many things have happened to it since you last installed it, then our North London garden designers are here to save the day. Our teams are experienced in a large variety of fence repair works, and if needed, they can swap out boards or panels that are beyond saving;
  • Driveway paving - A brand new driveway paving can change the overall look of your property and your experience driving home. Don't put it off and book our landscaping services - we'll do the heavy lifting for you. Choose the paving you like and request the most convenient appointment time for you;
  • Driveway repairs - If you see cracks in the integrity of your driveway, but you're not exactly sure how to go about it, we'll be happy to do the repairs needed. We cover all scenarios, and it won't cost you a fortune or nearly the price of a new one;
  • Shed installation and removal - The shed of your dreams awaits. And the good news is you just need to like one design, and we'll install it. Have us build it for you and then use it as you wish. And when you think of something else to do with that particular piece of land we can also carry the removal of it for you and dispose of the wooden leftovers;
  • Garden levelling - Digging over and levelling your garden is not a heavy chore for us. Choose the level you want it to be, and our experienced staff will make it happen;
  • Pergola and trellis installation - How about a pergola next to that shed? Yes, we'll do it for you, no need to ask twice! Pergola and trellis installation can be a reality in less than a day. Point us in the right direction and then enjoy the results;
  • Gravelling - Gravels are often needed in gardens and are both useful and beautiful when laid correctly. We work with a large variety of gravel types and will be happy to put down any of them for you, as well as maintain them if needed through the years. Of course, we always install an anti-weed sheet membrane to prevent any weeds from growing through and ruin your beautiful landscape. Plus gravels improve garden drainage.

How Are Our Garden Landscaping Services in North London Performed? 

To fully enjoy a new garden landscaping, you have to go through a few steps. 

step 1

Book a survey

The viewing is entirely free of charge, and we’re available to visit your home seven days a week.

step 2

Show us around

Once our representative arrives on-site, he will discuss the service needed and your requirements for the project, all the materials, the delivery, labour, and waste collection options.

step 3

Receive an estimate

After the viewing, we will issue a no-obligation quotation that you’re happy to take, pass, or amend if needed.

step 4

Enjoy a hassle-free service

Once you’ve confirmed all specifications of the work, you can welcome a team of our professional garden designers with all the necessary tools, equipment, and materials.

Skilled Landscape Gardeners in North London You Can Rely on

All our gardeners in North London all fully qualified to flawlessly execute any garden makeover. Technicians are skilled, polite, and insured against the tricks of the trade. 

We have performed more than 60 garden transformations to date, so yours can be next! Landscape gardeners use high-end tools and equipment, and all operatives got trained and experienced and what's best - local to you. 

There is no need to look for garden designers near you anymore. City Gardeners' staff is living and serving North London only. 

Teams operate for your convenience seven days a week and do not charge extra for weekend appointments. 

We are looking forward to transforming your garden. To setup, a FREE on-site visit, submit your details or phone us on 07917010481.

Besides garden landscaping in North London, you can also ask us to tidy up your gardenclean your drive/patio, or maintain/repair your gutters.  

Ready to update your garden landscape?

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